Magic is real, and it lies in stories – to have the world around you transform and allow you to see something unique to you. Everyone is different, and although the temptation is to be reductionist and group everyone into neat little boxes, I prefer the flagrant individualism lens. Our own experiences inform our enjoyment of a given work, from something as basic to the words used, to granting an insight into an area of life never before given consideration. Were we all to read the same passage, many of us will take something different away, and that to me is the magic of storytelling. The author is your conveyor…they bring you along for the journey, but you are the essential ingredient. A story without an audience is simply an idea, and ideas perish. Stories are timeless, and can live on forever.

Outside the Lines

My name is Kev (well, it’s actually Kevin…but no one calls me that), and I live in the Irish countryside in an old stone cottage amidst the shade of hundred year old indigenous trees, along with my darling wife, and faithful German Shepherd. My wife, Shelly, is a wonderful artist and historian – you can see her work here. Lola, our dog, does not have her own website – however, if you follow us on social media, you will see her a lot!

As the subject matter of this site might hint, writing is my passion – all aspects of it. I have an intense love affair with the entire process, from the initial concept and its journey of iterations until it reaches its truest form. From novels to short stories, poetry to screenplays, and much more. More than that, I love the connection forged when talking with other writers – every one is completely different, and has a unique approach. One of the reasons I created this site is to replicate that feeling – a virtual connection, where ideas can be discussed and exchanged with some degree of permanence, rather than the fleeting perishable nature of social media.

What’s between the lines?

Between the Lines is a passion project – a place where I can put my thoughts on writing. From analysis of existing works, to original works, and a deep-dive into the entire process. It is my writers’ corner, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you here!

Stories are more than what we see, or the words we read – they are merely the tools used to evoke, and that evocation is the real story; what the audience take away. In essence, what lies between the lines is the audience, that that is the real story (and what we explore here). From analysing books, stories, TV/Film, we look at the good, the not so good, and the outright awful – not to ridicule, but to learn. Looking at what worked, what detracted, and how it might be improved.

Writing about writing

One aspect of writing I am particularly fond of is linking in with other writers, and talking to them specifically about their works (and their process). There is something electric in the air, feeling an author talk about their work, their ideas (however far along they are), and together you get to explore the world. I have always found it exhilarating to listen to authors talk about the act of writing – whether it is Chuck Palahniuk distinguishing writing from typing, or George R. R. Martin’s gardener allegory, their passion and conviction in their own process is enthralling.

The process itself can be illuminating, and since it is of keen interest to me, I figured others might find it just as interesting. From initial concepts, through the journey of refinement (drafting, editing etc.) – in essence, it is writing about writing, even looking at the tools of the trade (whether the analogue juggernauts of pens and notebooks, to the digital sphere of keyboards and software).

Stories, Novels, & Poetry

It is, of course, not limited to pure discussion. The purpose of writing is to tell a story, and that is what this site is for – stories. As time goes on, I will post up more of my own work to bring additional discussion to the table, as well as providing context to the articles & entries surrounding the creative process.

Analysis / Critique

Part of writing is reading – it is one of the clearest benchmarks for your own work. Looking at what others are doing, how they are doing it, and what they could have done differently. Whether it is for the screen, for the page, or purely for oration, analysing other works can help you see things in a new light. As such, we will look at film & tv, books, and other works, with a critical lens – not to poke fun, or judge, but rather to learn from it.

I have a tendency to re-write what I’m watching as I’m watching it, and now I am burdening you with it!